Our training program is conducted by workshops, seminars, conferences, and church ministry with purpose to train, equip, and motivate for service.  We accept invitations

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Leadership Development

We provide extensive seminars, leadership training, and personal development workshops in order to equip community and church leaders.  This includes supporting pastoral, community, and youth leadership.

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Entrepreuniorship  and Community Development

We help communities to maximize their potential and creativity in business and community engagement.  We empower participants to put their dreams into vision and a plan of action.


Family and Relationship Enhancement

We know that family is the backbone of strong community.  In these workshops, a foundation for healthy relationships and marriage is addressed, such as communication between couples, conflict resolution.  Other beneficial topics related to relationships and family are also discussed.

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Discipleship and Christian living

At the heart of Hope Commission International is the obedience to the command of the Lord Jesus to go and make disciples.  This means that we inspire and equip the body of Christ to deepen their relationship with God and to live in His purpose for their lives.  In turn, we all become a light to our communities.