Hope Expedition

2 to 3 weeks international trips to serve.

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A powerful Sunday service at the Montana

Training, Education, and Equipping

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Community Development

Capacity Building and Community Development Outreaches

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At hope commission international (HCI)  we:
  • Contribute to improving the living conditions and circumstances of vulnerable, disadvantaged groups, such as children, youth, and women.  We do this by offering training, self-development programs, and assistance so that the basic needs of life can be satisfied through access to social services.

  • Encourage the creativity, passions, initiative, and volunteerism of our youth.

  • Are mobilizing in the fight against Sexually Transmitted Infections / HIV-AIDS, tropical diseases, and mother and child death.

  • Promote leadership development training to empower church and community leaders to be relevant and effective.

  • Encourage the moral, civic, and social education of youth and empower young girls.

  • Promote and run discipleship programs to mobilize and strengthen Christian engagement and embolden Christians to global transformation.


Hope Commission International is dedicated to serve and bring hope to individuals, families, and communities.  We accomplish this by showing the Love of Christ in practical ways.  We believe in transforming lives and restoring communities.

Our services include but not limited to:

  • Empowering girls and women

  • Health Initiatives and disease prevention—including tropical diseases

  • HIV/AIDS prevention

  • Water and sanitation development

  • Food and clothing relief opportunities

  • Evangelism and discipleship

  • And much more!


Today, in addition to our local, permanent teams in the USA, Togo, Cote D’Ivoire—and soon in Burkina Faso—our outreaches have been to Haiti, Great Britain, Belgium, France, Brazil, Hong Kong, Thailand, Mexico, Zambia, and the West African countries of Ghana, Benin, and Senegal.