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Happy mothers day

The Bible greatly values motherhood and recognizes mothers’ important role in the family and society. Some essential biblical understandings of motherhood:

  1. God values motherhood: God is portrayed as a nurturing and caring parent who values and loves his children. Mothers are seen as reflecting God's love and care for their children.

  2. Motherhood is a gift from God: motherhood is a blessing and a gift from God. Psalm 127:3 says, "Children are an inheritance of the Lord, offspring a reward of him." Mothers are called to manage this gift and raise their children in the ways of the Lord.

  3. Mothers have a unique role in raising and raising children: Proverbs 31 describes the ideal woman as a wife and mother who works hard to care for her family and provides for them. In Titus 2:3–5, older women are asked to teach young women how to love and care for their husbands and children.

  4. Motherhood involves sacrificial love: love is sacrificial, especially in motherhood. Mothers are called to put the needs of their children before their own and to make sacrifices for their well-being. Jesus demonstrates this sacrificial love in His willingness to lay down His life for His friends (John 15:13).

  5. Motherhood shows us God's love: A mother's love for her child is a powerful reminder of God's love for us. Isaiah 49:15 says, "Can a mother forget the baby at the womb and have no compassion for the child she has brought into the world? Although she may forget, I will not forget you! When mothers care for and love their children, they direct them to the love and care of their Heavenly Father.

The Bible values and recognizes mothers' critical role in children's education and education. Mothers are called to love in the sacrifice of their children, to provide for their children, and to direct their children to the love of God.


La Bible accorde une grande valeur à la maternité et reconnaît le rôle important que jouent les mères dans la famille et la société. Quelques compréhensions bibliques essentielles de la maternité :